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RADIOTIMES.COM – After breaking out in Netflix teen hit 13 Reasons Why, Katherine Langford is back on the streamer for another project – and this time, she’s really taking centre stage.

In Arthurian retelling Cursed, Langford plays future Lady of the Lake Nimue, a magical warrior who leads a revolution against a religious cult – and according to the actor, despite the two dramas differences returning to Netflix was a bit of a homecoming.

13 Reasons Why was my first role and something that I’m so grateful for,” Langford told RadioTimes.com. “And obviously to have that great relationship with Netflix is such a happy coincidence, as they’re the ones who are also responsible for this story as well.”

However, Langford admitted that leaving 13 Reasons Why in its second season had given her some welcome breathing room before recommitting to another lead role, adding that she felt she’d grown and changed as an actor since saying goodbye to Hannah Baker.

I think it also feels nice to have had that breathing room, of closing that chapter two or three years ago, and having the space to do a couple of other roles before stepping into another huge commitment like this series,” Langford explained.

I feel like I’ve grown a lot more as a person, and hopefully more as an actor, and that’s something that I hope I can continue to do.”

Certainly, she seems to think that Cursed – which retells a forgotten chapter of Arthurian myth complete with new versions of Merlin and Arthur – is a chance to push herself even further.

I think this particular project is so special to me,” she told us, “in the sense that it really feels like it’s different to anything I’ve done before.

And it also feels like I’m telling a different story, in the sense that…it’s kind of matured and grown in a way, which I feel I also have as a person.

We really see Nimue go from being this young woman to an adult, really coming into her womanhood. And I think that’s a story or a journey that often isn’t told, or we don’t see much of it.”

Sounds like Langford’s fans might see a very different side of her in her new lead role – and not just because she’s leaving high school behind for Camelot.

Cursed streams on Netflix on Friday 17th July.

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